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Jason Bassler


Jason Bassler is a believer that the human spirit is empowered by the relentless tenacity for the capacity to improve ones condition. This coupled with voluntary exchange has lead technology & innovation to higher standards of living that has drastically improved quality of life and prolonged the human life span. He recognizes himself to be a voluntaryist/free market anarchist and am strictly opposed to all instiutionalized violence, coercion and aggression. He is an activist that keeps a close eye on police misconduct/brutality, has a fascination with politics, psychology, philosophy and absorbs information whenever there is a moment of downtime. Oh yeah, he runs a few facebook pages.

Luis Fernando Mises


Luis Fernando Mises is a Consultant that teaches Leadership all over the United States, a Yoga instructor, a Meditation teacher, a student of Austrian Economics, a Statesman with the Libertarian Party, a Curandero, an Entrepreneur, and a Family man.  He realized his personal mission was to empower others and to be present; and this realization propelled him to create Emancipated Human as a way to bring stories that would help people see the nature of the police state we currently live in, ideas to hack the world, interviews with people that have practical examples, and inspiration to live a freer life.

He is a Free Market Anarchist and is host of Anarchast Español and Emancipated Human and contributes to The Dollar Vigilante as a writer focusing on Dollar Vigilante Groups to help connect freedom-minded individuals on the web.

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LFM | Sustainable Freedom @ Anarchapulco 2018

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