Why you should trust your intuition


Why you should trust your intuition

In the complexity of human beings there is something that has contributed to the individual and collective advancement of this world, and we refer to it as intuition, it is good to stop seeing everything rationally for a moment and let our intuition help us in moments that often are key in our lives, this could open the gap to advance our goals that we would not have done without it.

So we must take advantage of intuition, that is, that knowledge, understanding or immediate perception of something, without the collaboration of reason.

Luis Fernando Mises on the power of intuition

Benefits of intuition

  • Trusting our intuition allows us to act quickly and not let any opportunity get out of hand.
  • It is only in a fraction of seconds that intuition generates a response accompanied by a high sense of certainty.
  • Intuition has allowed the development of inventions, discoveries, innovations, etc., and will allow us to continue doing so.
  • It helps us to give an answer and act daily in different situations.
  • It helps us develop our creativity.
  • Intuition and logic complement each other perfectly.

To consider

  • There will be times when intuition is not what we expected, it will not always be an infallible answer..
  • Our intuition is based on instinct and on remembering our emotions experienced previously and in situations almost similar to the current one.
  • Our intuition will not always achieve the same success and achievement in all aspects of life.

Examples of intuition

“I have already fallen in love with several girls, I must already seriously commit myself to one of them in order not to cause any problems or later I will regret it”.

“They offer me two work options, I have to decide which one I will take today, because tomorrow they await my answer”.

“I can intuit from experience if you’re kind or just pretend to be.”