Poetry of Anarchism


Anarchists are natural poets. They wish to sing a new society into existence with the beauty and rhythm of their verse. They are thus visionaries. With every utterance and action, they mold society into something more palatable, more worthwhile, and ecstatic. They want to unmake the damage wrought by the leech class, with their scheming, kleptomania and psychopathy. This is why anarchists manifest their artistry through the grace of movement and principle, by highlighting their convictions with a passion they exemplify and live by.

Anarchists are tired of the drear and tedium of the workday drudgery, of the silent violence that seeps into every nook and corner of culture. Anarchists, thus, manufacture truth from the pit of their being, as a wellspring of love shot into the decaying heart of humankind. In this regard, anarchists are the revivalists and the truth junkies. They feel the agony of society deeply. It slithers through their consciousness and reverberates wildly. It is in this explosive sensation that sparks the magnificent change that they constantly paint onto the world. And this is how their poetry dances, how the magic functions—and where the change erupts.

Sterling Lujan, tsterlin1he psychologic anarchist, is a professional writer, editor, research assistant, and aspiring counseling psychologist. He takes a special interest in the psychological and psycho-pharmacological aspects of voluntaryist anarchism.



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