Healing Our World With Mary Ruwart


I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Mary Ruwart and here’s the interview:

This is what we covered:

Intro: Dr. Mary Ruwart
Pharmaceutical research
Chair of Ethical review board

The idea of liberty… you equate it to loving our neighbor. A lot of people think libertarians do not care about the poor… can we explore this?

How do good neighbors become bad ones?

Destroying jobs… what are the unintended consequences of raising the minimum wage?

Back in the early days of this nation, penniless immigrants became affluent by starting their own businesses. Why is it getting harder to do this?

How do we aggress against ourselves and others through legislations towards health related issues?

The environment. Can libertarians protect the environment? What’s the solution to pollution?

Money… that’s a very important subject. How do we aggress through the usage of the monopoly of money?

Communism tries to provide for the common good. How is this a bad idea?

Liberty and love?

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