Emancipated Radio: The Bitcoin Bubble


Emancipated Radio

Emancipated Radio Episode 001: The Bitcoin Bubble

Welcome to our Genesis episode of our new podcast series here at emancipated human. We will be covering on a variety of topics every Friday. Our first one is about bitcoin and it’s perception about it and much more. We really appreciate you for listening if you like our first episode please subscribe to the rss and for android here¬†an in the iTunes store here.

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Luis Fernando Mises is a Consultant that teaches Leadership all over the United States, a Yoga instructor, a Meditation teacher, a student of Austrian Economics, a Statesman with the Libertarian Party, a Curandero, an Entrepreneur, and a Family man. He realized his personal mission was to empower others and to be present; and this realization propelled him to create Emancipated Human as a way to bring stories that would help people see the nature of the police state we currently live in, ideas to hack the world, interviews with people that have practical examples, and inspiration to live a freer life.


  1. No one can say there is a bubble, there is not a large enough sample size to call it so. Supply and Demand will dictate the value and demand hasn’t even begun to go mainstream!

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