Borderless Learning.




We are breaking down barriers to learn Servant Leadership. 

We have lots to celebrate! Two weeks ago we had another home run in San Antonio with one of our Legacy Clients, TDIndustries.

It was the third time we taught the Introduction to Servant Leadership in Spanish and it was received in a spectacular fashion by all 18 Partners. The participants were engaged and connected a lot, they felt a sense of belonging and they were grateful to have it in their language.

We had some pushback from a couple of participants, but by the end of they day they soaked up all the concepts and even asked for a longer class. Of course, AMCA did not do this alone. You see, we normally have a class sponsor who connects all the skills we present with their experiences in the office or field so the teachings become applicable and not just some airy-fairy subject that sounds great but might not be substantial.

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