The Benefits of Kratom the State Does Not Want You to Know


    The Benefits of Kratom the State Does Not Want You to Know

    Kratom is an evergreen from the ring of fire rainforest, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Papua New Guines. It has been utilized as a form of medicine for at least 200 years.

    Even though it is not an opiate, it has some opiate/stimulant-like properties and no deaths have been recorded from the use of Kratom alone.

    I started using Kratom two years ago after I got a bite from a Brown Recluse spider in North Carolina during a visit to the Smoky Mountains. The bite resulted in depletion of energy and foggy mind, and as the primary earner of my family, I could not afford to wait and heal completely… I am on the road a lot due to the nature of my work and 16 hour days are not foreign to me. Therefore, I saw Kratom as a way to help me regain my ninja-like stamina I was lacking… as far as the mental fogginess, I started utilizing some nootropics.

    The law is predatory by nature, so even though i feel silly saying this, please, remember I am not a doctor and this has not been evaluated by the FDA and It is probably just a result of my imagination…

    A lot of people have asked about Kratom and what the colors do. I think it is pertinent to talk about the main veins, green, red, white. When the plant first started to be processed, there was only green and red and white was added shortly after. I am certain you will find 200 other colors online but these are the basic ones… Here’s a quick breakdown according to the feedback I have received from the hundreds of people i have been able to help by sharing this plant:

    Green Kratom has been reported to help with increased energy, vitality, focus. Good for long days of work, fatigue, brain support.

    White Kratom is told to assist with mood support and euphoria. Good for us introverts when we need to socialize and talk. Also good for depression according to reports.

    Red Kratom is a great sedative for those people that have been experiencing difficulties sleeping, people have also told me it helps with pain management. Good for anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and some people who have been struggling with opiate addictions have told me it has helped them get off of opiates and kick the addiction.

    This is a very abbreviated list of all the feedback i have received from literally hundreds of buyers across the 45 states where Kratom is legal. It is also important to notice that all veins have been reported to have analgesic properties but the red one seems to be the stronger in that regard.

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