Be a leader not a boss


Be a leader not a boss

A leader can be a boss and a boss can be a leader, but not all bosses are leaders. There are many differences between the two types, and if you want to get the most out of your employees you need to lead them, not boss them around. But what are the differences?

A leader is a person who inspires, guides and directs a group of people to achieve a common purpose cause or goal. It is someone who is assigned a moral authority and who is followed on their own. A leader never thinks only of his own benefit, but of all the people he leads. They are very responsible, innovative, inspiring and visionary people, with moral principles.

A boss, on the other hand, is a person who is in charge of a workplace. One that carries out the work for monetary purposes and is not the one directly responsible for ensuring the welfare of the people under him/her. The authority of a boss is not granted for the benefit of the employers, but granted in order to keep the employees in check and under hard scrutiny.

A boss can also be a leader if he manages to inspire those under his direction. Especially if it is a person who takes into account the welfare of the employees and seeks out to increase the welfare of the workers in a way that also benefits the company. However, bosses are generally known to impose their authority, while leaders inspire their followers.

  • Leaders gives power to their followers, while bosses impose their authority; regardless of the preferences of the group he leads.
  • Bosses gives orders, leaders inspire and gives examples to follow.
  • A leader is more effective than a boss.
  • Bosses are not responsible for ensuring the welfare of the people, but the leaders take into account the welfare of their followers

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