What Is An Anarchist- The New Humans


Maybe our culture has finally evolved past the erroneous, ridiculous belief that has been purposely planted that Anarchists are destructive punks who throw things and desire chaos and violence. But do people really know who Anarchists are? Anarchists are a new human. They represent evolution. The beautiful thing about us is that we are all utterly different from each other. Not different in an opposing way, but we’re all like different colors of the rainbow. We all make each other better, expand each other, provide value to each other.

Luis Fernando Mises is passionate about the private sector and how capitalism and the free market will free us from oppressive government, solve our problems, and nudge us forward with our evolution. He’s a yoga teacher and shaman, too!

Sterlin Luxan is passionate about psychology and humanity and kindness. He works on spreading the ideas of freedom outward.

Philip Roy is a passionate researcher. He researches the occult roots of the ruling class.

Cassius Methyl is passionate about researching conspiracies and spreading this knowledge.

We have beautiful mothers like Skylar Elizabeth and “Violent Voluntary” who live the ideals of Anarchy by raising free, peaceful children and teaching the rest of us about what it means to be peaceful parents. This work goes deep into all of us to show us how we’ve been harmed by shame, abuse, and violence so that we can reverse the patterns and learn to treat ourselves and others kindly.

We have spiritual Anarchists like myself and Steve Curtin and Sara Hubrich. Steve and Shannon Hutchins both work with the earth and are passionate about self sustainability.

Rick Lines is also a researcher. He’s a historian who goes really deep and is passionate about the dark history of credit and how it’s the first enslaver of humans.

Jared Wall has a very sensical, grounded, easy to understand style. He has a good ability to explain in easy to understand words the basics of how we will live without government such as how privatized water and privatized police will work.

Barry Cooper is an ex-cop turned hero who teaches people how to stay safe from police and imprisonment and treats people with addictions at his Ibogaine Clinic.

My work in the world is about empowering individuals and helping people to turn inward.

This is just a drop in the bucket. There are so many Anarchists out there doing new things and courageously breaking new ground. And there are more and more of us every day. Statism sterilizes and limits. Anarchism embraces uniqueness, creativity and expansion.

Anarchism is dynamic. Anarchism goes so much deeper than a desire to be rid of government. Anarchism is a way of life. It’s respect for life. It’s respect for self and respect for others. It’s breaking out of the box. It’s doing the work to claim your mind and your life as your own. We have not come here easily and lightly. We un-did a lifetime of programming. With great energy we’re breaking patterns of thousands of years of violence and peasantry.

Now let’s explore space ‘n shit.

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