Humankind’s Loneliness Epidemic- Are We Being Socially Engineered Into Isolation?


lonelyLoneliness has become an epidemic in the western world. Despite our access to hundreds or even thousands of friends at our fingertips, people are feeling more and more isolated. Though we may have frequent exchanges about even the most mundane goings-on of our days with these hundreds or even thousands of “friends”, there’s a longing to belong, to be truly seen and understood.

Socializing the old fashioned way is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth given the current instability of so many human beings. Many find themselves feeling alone in a crowd and long for closeness and community. Modern western human lives in their own bubble.  Living in this isolated bubble has been described as a feeling of homelessness.

happy tribe Some of you are depressed and feel a longing and a yearning for something you can’t quite put your finger on. Human beings are social creatures. For most of our history we lived in close-knit tribes. Our lives were rich with rituals, stories, and traditions that were ours. They gave us a sense of true belonging on this planet with our people on the land that we belonged to. Power structures like governments and the Christian church backed with militaries ran rampant through the world destroying the tribal structure.

Tribe and community are essentially dead, and now the family structure is suffering. Many of us are dealing with shattered families that can’t support our basic needs for nurturing and love.

Are social relationships being intentionally and systematically chiseled away by social engineering? Here’s an entertaining, lighthearted take on how  tv ruined our lives and ruined romantic relationships.


Are 7.2 Billion Isolated People Easier to Control?

How can we return to a feeling of unity and of belonging to our planet?


Brittany Forrester is a mystic and Anarchist. She writes about the healing and evolution of humanity and freedom for all beings on the planet.