7 Ways Improving Your Diet Will Completely Transform Your Life


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There came a time in human history when we humans decided to turn our backs on the natural world we come from, throw all the old ways to the wind, and see if we might do better ourselves.

Some of these new-fangled ideas are detrimental to us. We became so far removed from what’s natural to humanity that we started experimenting with things we’ve never eaten before. We ate neon colored stuff and called it food. We started growing our own fruits and vegetables and spraying them with poison so that we could have them all to ourselves. This “food” became an art form. We create things so delicious that our taste buds go wild. Eating is a hobby. We gather with friends at restaurants to enjoy these pieces of art, and even take pictures of their beauty sometimes.

But with disease running rampant, masses are turning back to nature with their diets. The Paleo diet is a popular example of this. People who follow this diet eat the way our ancestors ate before agriculture. There are those who refer to it as a fad diet following in the footsteps of the Atkins Diet and the Low-Cal, Low-fat diets that came before it. But returning to nature is hardly a fad.

Many claim that grains like corn and other whole grains are part of a healthy diet. I can tell you from personal experience how much better I feel after I gave up grains.

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Plants and animals are food to humans. We’ve evolved with them over millenia. Our bodies know what to do with them. The body does not know what to do with dyes and artificial flavors and flavor enhancers.

But this article isn’t focused on what you should eat. My own personal diet is based on hundreds of hours of research and much trial. Since humanity is growing up now, it’s time to stop eating what the advertisers tell us to eat and take individual responsibility for our own individual diets. What you eat is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects of your life. What you eat determines how dull or how clear you are, whether you’re sick or well, whether you’re fat, skinny, or just right, whether you have acne or clear, healthy skin, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. What you eat is either healing you or killing you.

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When I made my first drastic diet change to heal eczema back in the spring of 2012, I experienced true health like I had never felt before. I had only ever felt one way, and without ever experiencing the contrast until then, I never knew that I was actually feeling dull, foggy, and bogged down all along.

I get really excited talking about diet change, and I could go on and on forever about it. But here are just seven ways that changing your diet will completely change your life:

  1. You’ll learn how badass you are. Since we’ve eaten three meals a day every single day of our lives, our eating habits are our most ingrained habits. It takes immense dedication and self control to change eating habits. And once you do, you respect yourself in a whole new way. You’ll confidently take on other big challenges. It’s gonna shake things up for you! You’ll have to use your creativity and cook new dishes with new ingredients, new combinations, and new methods. You’ll exercise incredible restraint when your mouth is literally drooling at the sight and smell of your friend’s pizza. They’ll ask you to go with them to your favorite Mexican restaurant, and you’re going to go with them, enjoy their company, and enjoy watching them enjoy. That’s what a badass does.
  2. You’ll experience a new clarity. Eating food that’s not actually food mucks you all up. Your brain needs lots of good nutrients. From my experience, I was really fuzzy when I ate grains. I don’t know what more to say about this. It’s just something you’ll have to experience yourself, and you’ll be like, “Whoa!”
  3. You’ll have a ton more energy. When I did my first drastic diet change to heal eczema, I literally felt like a new person. I was practically skipping through the streets, I had so much energy. AND I had given up caffeine!
  4. You’ll look like a million bucks! I don’t know about you, but I used to spend so much time and energy focusing on being the right weight. I always felt like I was at least a little thicker than I wanted to be. My weight was up and down and up and down. I gave up grains, and I literally didn’t even have to think about my weight anymore. The fat immediately started falling away. People feel so overwhelmed when they think about giving up grains. But I find it a real relief in comparison to constantly watching my weight. Also, when you eat healthy your skin will clear. Not only will blemishes go away, but your skin will have a healthy glow! Your hair and nails will be healthier, too. But here’s the most important part, I think- you’re going to feel so much better from the inside, you’ll have more energy and confidence, and it will radiate out of you. Most of how we look actually comes from the inside.
  5. Spiritual experiences will come more easily. Energy gets all blocked up and doesn’t flow properly when we’re poisoning our bodies with bad foods and toxins. You have to have a certain level of purity to receive certain energies.
  6. You’ll feel more connected to the world around you. I don’t have much to say about this. I just know this is what happened to me when I changed my diet. I didn’t feel like an island anymore.
  7. You’ll heal disease. Anybody can try to argue about this all they want. I’ve done hundreds of hours of research, and I’ve healed myself, my husband, and two dogs with diet. I know someone who healed a brain tumor. It’s the most inspiring story I’ve ever heard in my life. I once met a woman who healed a crippling autoimmune disease. Only several years ago she couldn’t even go to the bathroom by herself. Now she’s doing everything for herself and even working and taking vacations. You’re your own healer, and if you want to heal a disease you will have to spend hundreds or many hundreds of hours researching.

Here are some more minor changes you’ll experience:

  1. You’ll spend more money on food! Yep, sorry. This is usually people’s number one reason for not changing the way they eat. Rice and beans and cheap loaves of bread are super cheap. If you want to be at your best, if you want to not die early or be sick, if you want lots of energy and everything else I listed above, it’s going to cost you. There’s nothing more worth your money than food. I would live in a crappy house in a bad neighborhood and eat well before I would live in a nice house and eat crap that makes me unwell. I lived my twenties eating potatoes, cheese, cheap grains and factory farmed meat. It got me a terrible case of eczema, fogginess, weight struggles, and low energy. You’re not a trash can. You deserve the very best! I don’t look at real food as expensive. Instead, I look at shitty, low priced “food” as not even an option. Only the best for my body. Period. That means spending twice as much for grass fed organic beef as for factory farmed meat that is energetically, spiritually, and physically poisonous. If you’re vegan and you’re reading this, more power to you!
  2. You won’t feel disgusting after you eat. Instead of feeling groggy, lethargic, and like you’re going to explode, You’ll feel energized!



Brittany Forrester is a mystic and Anarchist. She writes about the healing and evolution of humanity and freedom for all beings on the planet.