Anarchism Is Extremely Simple


The truth is always very simple. When people try to make something very complicated, you can be sure there’s fire somewhere. Anarchism is completely and utterly simple and cut and dry.

Anarchism says it’s the most basic law of the universe that one cannot hurt people except in self defense. Period. It’s very cut and dry. If you are being physically threatened, it’s right and just for you to protect yourself. Statism says, “Well, what if….., and what if…”
statism 101

Anarchism says people trade with each other. It can’t get any simpler than that. Statists have these incredibly complex ideas about economics based on intervention. More complication. Having some people try to direct trade in a certain way is a bizarre thing to do.

Statists say you can put this substance in your body and this one and this one, but not this one, because research shows….” Anarchists say what you do with your life is your business unless you threaten me with harm. Then your action becomes my business. The Statists reading this want to create all sorts of scenarios about what constitutes harm against another and when self defense is right and just.

The reason Statists have such a hard time grasping Anarchism is that it’s so incredibly simple, and we’ve been taught to see the world in this incredibly complex, chaotic way so that people can’t even recognize truth or accept simplicity when they see it.

The only reason that long books have to be written about Anarchy is because of the program that everyone is running that the world is so utterly complicated. Without Statism there wouldn’t even be a word for Anarchy. Anarchy is just life. It’s just people living by the most basic principles. Anarchy is in reality nothing.

Statism/hierarchy is built on confusion. It’s a created construct that continues to be agreed upon by the masses.

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